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Napping, reading, napping some more.
This would be ideal.

Love the outfit too…


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AldyWaldy Photo of the Day

Room Portraits

Yow Yow!

I always enjoy seeing the rooms or homes that others live in because I think they are a true reflection of who someone is without even getting to know them. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of them through blog projects, but German photographer Menno Aden has brought in a new perspective to mix things up a bit. His photographs documenting rooms are shot from an aerial point of view, but presented in a flat photograph as one. I love getting to see these shots of rooms, personal spaces, and work spaces from a different angle and being able to look into them rather than just at them.

Check out the rest of the shots here.

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For dinner tonight, we made pasta. And shrimp scampi. And garlic bread, and broccoli.

What does this have to do with the image? Nothing. But I bet you’re drooling now!

No, actually, this is the steam rising from the pot of noodles. While I was shooting I got real discouraged – from the LCD screen, none of the shots were coming out. But when I plugged in my memory card in and saw the images bigger, this one caught my eye.

And after some contrast and detail adjustments, I’d say it turned out pretty well.

So that’s 1 for perseverance, 0 for creative slump!

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Milla Jojovich, once a Model, now She carries a Gun, Cute but Scarry, Don´t you think?

Milla Jojovich

Picture of Milla Jovovich at Listal

Kate Moss the “Queen of Models” not getting exhausted, Keeps the Rankings in To the Top!!

Kate Moss

Picture of Kate Moss at Listal

Karlie Kloss, Who will Guess?? One of the first American Models on the Top 10, Geourgous Girl!

Karlie Kloss

Picture of Karlie Kloss at Listal

Keira Knightley Possing for The Camera, looking like a Princess in the Event!!

Keira Knightley

Picture of Natalia Vodianova at Listal

Natalia Vodianova wearing a Floral Dress with Precaution!!

Natalia Vodianova

Picture of Natalia Vodianova at Listal

Sasha Pivovarova looking Gracefully Beautiful in Catwalkland!

Sasha Pivovarova

Picture of Sasha Pivovarova at Listal